snow and ice

When we first moved to Alaska, I had never seen snow before (maybe some ice at the top of Mt Wellington, but not sure that counts).  This past winter, Anchorage has had the most snowfall it has seen in the past 4 or 5 years and it has been definitely been a learning experience.

The roads became deathtraps on many an occasion.  Drivers here don’t seem to care that visibility is pretty much zero in blizzard conditions, resulting in ditch-diving cars, spin-outs and multi-vehicle highway pile-ups being a regular occurrence.

Around the house, we had a 10ft pile of plowed snow by the side of the driveway by mid-winter (read: child hazard) and a foot-thick white blanket on the roof that was perpetually teetering on the edge of sliding off.  As the days lengthen and continue to warm up, we’re now navigating what is more like an ice-rink than a driveway, whilst monitoring for icicles falling from the roof overhang.

It hasn’t been all bad; we’ve tried our hand at cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, partied with friends on the annual ski train and beautiful, snow clad trails tempted us out of hibernation on weekends.  Nonetheless, we are eagerly anticipating the Alaskan summer… and will deal with the pain of breakup when we get to it.




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