ski train 2017

At 7.15am on March 12, it was all aboard the annual Ski Train to Curry, 2.5-3hrs by locomotive north from Anchorage.  Our seats in the Party Car afforded spectacular views of the snow-covered landscape through the glass-paned roof.  With several hours of exercise ahead of us, we took it easy with the Bloody Marys, passing the time instead by letting loose our horrid, Cards Against Humanity selves and pre-fueling on incredibly decadent birthday cake (complete with boozy chocolate truffles, of course).

Arriving at Curry, we grabbed our snowshoes for a 2hr slog up the mountain – the right choice as the skiers were clearly having a difficult time in deep snow on the long uphill climbs.  All worth it in the end, however, as we caught our breaths at the summit whilst enjoying a brilliantly clear view of Denali on the horizon.

It was many a tired body that clambered back onto the train for the journey back home.  Whilst out in Curry, I was wondering why anyone would bother coming all this way to ski because, honestly, watching them clamber through the ungroomed snow was pretty painful.  Answer?  The whole point of Ski Train isn’t really the skiing at all….and with the hard work behind them, our fellow skiers were clearly ready to pull out the boxed wine (or cheladas in one case) and get the party started.

Thanks to all our friends for a fantastic day out and a fabulous birthday celebration!


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