talkeetna spinach bread

So excited that these guys were at the Alaska State Fair!  A shiny, converted Airstream trailer that dishes out some serious flavor, it’s no surprise that this food truck has developed a veritable cult following.

The hottest item on the menu is, of course, the eponymous spinach bread – plate-sized squares of thick-cut, spent grain bread, loaded with a wollop-packing, cheesy, garlic and spinach topping, served hot and bubbling from the broiler.  It’s cut into soldiers for ease of consumption (or sharing…..unlikely).  So simple, yet so incredibly satisfying.  One could argue that you could just make this at home, but I’m not convinced it would be as good without a fair amount of effort.  Mainly because of the bread – meaty and chewy, with a flavor not unlike that of sourdough, all the better for rendering golden and crunchy on the edges by hot cheesy drippings, this glorious cheese toastie would not be the same with any substitute.

They have dessert too, homemade blueberry crisp, with cooling limeade to wash it all down, though a warming chai might be the better option when the temperatures drop.

We will definitely be on the lookout for the shiny trailer next time we head to Talkeetna, a destination that is increasingly posing a logistical challenge for us – there is too much good food and not enough meals to fit it all in!

Spinach Bread 1Spinach Bread 2Spinach Bread 3

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