alaska state fair | eats

Fair Attraction No. 1: Food! So much, oh-so-bad-for-you deliciousness.  This is the day I will do double desserts (tough choice between cinnamon pretzels, ice cream, funnel cakes and those crazy flat fried dough things called elephant ears), after the requisite stops for reuben sandwiches and spinach bread.  Not sure if I could ever stomach a donut burger, however....

reuben haus

Make sure to grab a few extra napkins before tucking into their loaded reuben sandwiches, generously filled with juicy, finely sliced corned beef, and bacon and Arkose beer-braised sauerkraut.  Their reuben bowl is half reuben, half loaded fries, for those who don't want to get their hands dirty, with beer-battered mushrooms on the side if you're worried about your five-a-day.  

ginger | brunch

For brunch specifically, their take on breakfast tacos delivers a more-ish combination of hoisin chicken with a spicy, tangy, lime and sriracha sour cream, a textbook representation of the sweet/salty/sour holy trinity of south-east Asian cuisine.  Other brunch options are fairly standard - think fry-ups, eggs benedict, french toast and omelettes - with the upside being that their full lunch menu is also available.

the back room | pasta

Pasta class at South's Back Room; bubbly, much flouring, kneading and rolling, Boomtown pappardelle. Key takeaways? Air bubbles are the enemy, semolina is to be used at your own risk and spaghettini is best left to the masters. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon with lovely people. And a batch of fresh fettucini just in time for meat-free Monday.