We saw 9 moose this Saturday, including these 3 just outside of midtown.  That's more moose than I've seen all year.  Thinking back, it's also the first time I've seen a male, female and calf together, and we saw a similar group out in Earthquake Park later that same afternoon.  It was almost like the bulls were watching over their little families.  

alaska state fair | eats

Fair Attraction No. 1: Food! So much, oh-so-bad-for-you deliciousness.  This is the day I will do double desserts (tough choice between cinnamon pretzels, ice cream, funnel cakes and those crazy flat fried dough things called elephant ears), after the requisite stops for reuben sandwiches and spinach bread.  Not sure if I could ever stomach a donut burger, however....

ski train 2017

Arriving at Curry, we grabbed our snowshoes for a 2hr slog up the mountain - the right choice as the skiers were clearly having a difficult time in deep snow on the long uphill climbs. All worth it in the end, however, as we caught our breaths at the summit whilst enjoying a brilliantly clear view of Denali on the horizon.


We spent a good afternoon traversing a 40 mile loop through incredibly scenic landscapes in the Petersville area, south of Denali. This was the perfect location, with vast areas of open space providing plenty of opportunities to pick up decent speed, and our Ski-Doos had no trouble at all getting up to speeds of 90mph before common sense reigned them in.