the road to mccarthy

This past Labor Day weekend, we set off from Anchorage to visit two of Alaska's famed ghost towns, McCarthy and Kennecott, in Wrangell St-Elias National Park.   For non-natives of the 49th state, a 7 hr drive is nothing to be sneezed at - we would take Alaska Route 1 north (Glenn Highway) towards Glennallen, followed by the Richardson and Edgerton Highways to Chitina, before negotiating the last 60 miles along infamous McCarthy Road, an un-paved road we were warned could take 2 hours in itself, to our destination.  The drive, while long, was not as grueling as we had anticipated, and rather delivered paramount views of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and Copper River that are second to none.   

wrangell-st elias | bonanza mine trail

We set off on the Bonanza Mine Trail, 9 miles round trip, with 3800ft elevation gain ahead of us.  It starts out steep, and then gets steeper.  The reward comes when the trail emerges from the tree line, just past 2 miles in, onto a ridge that provides a panoramic view over the Kennecott Glacier moraines.  The mine site itself is pretty spectacular.  An old bunkhouse sits against the slope, just under the ridge.  You can hike up further onto and along the ridge for even better views of the valley, including a glimpse of Root Glacier.  

ski train 2017

Arriving at Curry, we grabbed our snowshoes for a 2hr slog up the mountain - the right choice as the skiers were clearly having a difficult time in deep snow on the long uphill climbs. All worth it in the end, however, as we caught our breaths at the summit whilst enjoying a brilliantly clear view of Denali on the horizon.